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From the desk of Bobbi-Jo “BJ” Brighton, CST, LCI

Hello Fellow High Achiever,

“What’s wrong with me?”

For way too much of my life, this was the question inside my head.

In my younger years, I got into the prestigious Ivy League university, yet I never felt like I truly belonged there.

Yeah, I was smart and had confidence, but as the first person in my blue-collar family to go to college, I certainly felt like I had squeaked in and was low man on the pole compared to all the other real brainiacs who had it together and breezed around campus.

And when I graduated with my big, fancy degree, why did I still feel like a fake?

Then later on, when it came to building my career and having some good success, why did I feel “not good enough” and keep holding myself back from getting to higher levels of success?

Why did I shy away from talking to “bigger, higher up” people? Was I really “less than” than them?

Or when I was eating well and exercising to lose weight, why did I end up self-sabotaging all my hard work?

Why did I have it all together and achieve great gains on some days, and then on other days, deeply doubt myself and be paralyzed in indecision and fear?

Frankly, this drove me crazy.

Certainly, with my top-notch education I should be able to figure all this out and be blowing the roof off creating the amazing life that I was surely destined for when I first stepped onto to that ivy-covered campus.

Again, it was, “What’s wrong with me?” and I would wonder if there were secret forces working against me.

Can you relate to any of this?

If yes, would you like to know what I found out in over 20 years of study, floundering, failing, wanting to quit and settle for mediocre, yet picking myself back up and trying over and over again?

Are you interested in how I was able to turn it all around, stop feeling like a fake, get beyond confusion, overwhelm and doubt and go on to play bigger, reach higher, and make all my dreams come true?

If so, I’m here to guide through the “Mindset Mastery Process” to get similar results in your life because I’m betting…

You want something in your life to be different.

Chances are you want this to be the year that takes you to new, unimaginable heights to EASILY and CONSISTENTLY realize your dreams, goals, and desires in the areas of life most important to you:

  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Career / Business
  • Money

So, whether you’re here because your fed up with being stuck and you’re confused on how to move forward…

Or you’re committed to having every single edge possible for mastering your mindset and winning this game of life, know that you’re in good company and in the right place.

As your Mental Toughness & Authentic Leadership Coach, my goal always is to save you time and frustration and  provide you with the BEST proven structure, methods, and tools for accessing your full potential and creating (or re-creating!) the life you have imagined.

All the best +MORE!
BJ “Win the Head Game” Brighton, CST, LCI


Mindset Mastery is a process for ultimately winning the head game. It’s a process for learning how to clear your mind, take control of your thoughts, and skillfully manage your emotions so that you can perform optimally at high levels and create the life and career you envision — authentically, purposefully.



In a world with more technology, education, and opportunity than ever, why should a skilled, capable person like you ever feel stuck?

Being stuck is an internal reaction to an external situation. When you’re not in control of your thoughts and emotions, any situation can trigger feelings of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and fear of not living your full potential. You can’t trust others to give you the right answers because you have no time to try again.

It’s time to stop second-guessing your decisions and giving-in to excuse making and “decision paralysis.” To stretch beyond your comfort zone, instead of drowning in overwhelm and burning out or playing it safe and living with regret. To say “no” to running from one thing to the next and feeling guilty about doing something for yourself.




In today’s working world, the skills and knowledge you’ve worked so hard for are commodities that are easily replaced by another worker bee.

Then what ultimately differentiates you from your peers? Gives you a competitive advantage? Lets you live life on your own terms?

It is your authentic, empowered mindset.

Does your mindset reflect competence, EQ, and confidence — or resistance, fears, and insecurity? The right mindset attracts opportunities and deepens relationships. The wrong mindset repels the very things you want most, even if you have all the knowledge, experience, and skills you need.



Through coaching, the Mindset Mastery Process gives you the practical HOW, the step-by-step guidance and tools needed to clear your mind, overcome fear and resistance, eliminate overwhelm, and move beyond self-doubt, insecurity, and inner criticism.

The result? More confidence, self-esteem and self-trust. Greater empowerment of your natural, inherent qualities and strengths. Optimal performance in your work. Deeper knowledge of your true self. Greater respect from those around you. Sharper focus, clarity, purpose, satisfaction and — yes — more FUN & SUCCESS as you advance your life and career.

Without the right mindset, an internal resistance works against you, leaving you stuck in the same old thinking, getting the same old results.


Ancillare, LP
Chief Strategy Officer

For my entire professional career – despite my abilities, success, and achievements – I’ve been secretly riddled with overwhelming work anxiety and feeling like a fraud. I would overspend on collector cars and watches just to feel good about myself. All that changed when I started coaching with Bobbi-Jo. Today, I’m a calmer, stronger, more effective leader and significantly more fulfilled on the inside. I only wish I had started sooner!

Assistant Treasurer

I was identified as top talent and told I needed to increase my “Executive Presence.” How to do that? Since working with Bobbi-Jo, I’ve taken ownership of my voice to have those hard conversations with C-suite executives and the Board of Directors, build my executive presence, and achieve a prominent leadership role.

Onestream Software
Vice President of Strategic Alliances

I thought I was fine and didn’t need this. I walked in expecting one thing and walked out with so many ‘A-ha!’ moments about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. From the coaching, I’m giving up the old, limiting stuff in my head and boldly moving forward, knowing what real confidence is.

Lerch & Associates
CEO | Founder

I went from a death sentence situation that I created from years of abuse and a total lack of discipline and focus, as well as an exhausting need to always be proving my value and worth to others. Thank God for Bobbi-Jo. She took me under her wing and now, not only am I did I lose 100 lbs. without surgery, I’m tapped into the “real me” and my professional career and personal relationships are thriving. I got my life back and my head screwed on straight!

PNC Bank
Senior Vice President

I recognized that I’m shorting myself and those who report to me by not accounting for the “whole” person. Since, I’ve worked on me – gaining conscious awareness of my patterns and mindset – and supporting my team members to invest more in themselves personally and professionally for improved results.

Attorney, Partner - Capote Law Firm
Regional President - Hispanic National Bar Association

Bobbi-Jo is an amazing coach and takes the guesswork out. All the pieces that I’ve always known existed, but didn’t know how to bring them together, Bobbi-Jo reveals what the road map looks like. My law practice was already having great success, yet I was overworked and frustrated. Since the coaching, I’ve doubled my revenue and know how to prioritize quality time for me and my family.



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