Bobbi-Jo Brighton, CST, LCI is a partner, speaker and coach with Mental Toughness University.

Founded by Steve Siebold, a world-recognized authority on mental toughness and critical thinking, Mental Toughness University has been providing the mindset performance edge for the past 20+ years to companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline and Merrill Lynch and is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal as well as Forbes and Fortune magazines.

Through Mental Toughness University, Bobbi-Jo works with corporate management sales teams to increase employee performance, exceed sales goals, develop leaders, and embrace and thrive through change.

Bobbi-Jo is a graduate of Cornell University and a certified Mental Toughness Coach, Self-Talk Trainer and Life & Business Coach.

Boldful.Life - Women's Mental Toughness

Bobbi-Jo Brighton is also the developer of Women’s Mental Toughness®, administered through Boldful.Life, which addresses the key issues that limit women’s workplace performance and inhibit women from advancing in their careers and becoming effective, influential leaders.

Through speaking events as well as candid, fun and productive group and private coaching, Bobbi-Jo guides professional women:

  • to give up old mindsets and live boldly, authentically;
  • to aspire to leadership, drive change; and
  • to get comfortable being uncomfortable while pushing beyond comfort zones, playing bigger and becoming empowered role models.

Bobbi-Jo loves traveling (Paris anyone?) and at home, you’ll find her digging in the garden dirt and carving up the ski slopes with her school age sons, Ryan and Tyler. Learn more: Bobbi-Jo’s story below…



Deep down inside I knew I was a strong, intelligent, capable leader, yet I kept acting weak, doing dumb things and unknowingly holding myself back.”

My own journey with mental toughness began when I hit rock-bottom as a frustrated yo-yo dieter and self-saboteur. For far too much of my life, I yo-yoed to 200+ lbs. between diet plans like Weight Watchers, Atkins and so on. Unknowingly, this constant roller coaster ride was wrecking my self-esteem and my ability to successfully achieve my goals in ways I was yet to fully comprehend.

It wasn’t until I found my mentor and partner Steve Siebold with Mental Toughness University that I ultimately won my head game, lost weight permanently and positively shifted my entire personal life and professional career.

When Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, published “Lean In,” examining why women’s progress in achieving top leadership roles has stalled, her words spoke to me on a core level. I related, all too well, to the unconscious internal barriers she wrote of. I had faced these limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and lack of confidence issues first-hand through the Mental Toughness Process®.

Many of my female friends and colleagues related to Sandberg and similar authors’ insights on what keeps many women from rising to senior, decision-making leadership levels. Yet other women did not, revealing to me a wide gap not only in understanding between companies and their female talent, but between women professionals relating to each other as well. Soon after, I committed myself to fostering understanding and addressing the very real women-specific internal barriers that hold back the majority of aspiring women from advancing in their careers and achieving their full potential.

Today, through the creation of the BoldfulTM brand, I exist as a guide for those women who chose to be influential leaders and empowered role models and the companies that champion them.

Welcome to Women’s Mental Toughness.

All the best +More!