Do you aspire to being not just good in your life and career, but GREAT? Do you feel driven by a bigger, if still unknown, passion deep inside yourself to live your full potential and leave your mark on the world? Do you strive to be on par with those you most admire and respect while being unintimidated by all others?

Do you want to be assertive and speak up more, yet you’re afraid of coming across as bossy or bitchy? Do you want to feel abundantly confident, yet you tell yourself you’re not experienced or prepared enough? And… Do you feel frustrated at times — like you’re spinning your wheels — and you feel there’s got to be a better, simpler way to becoming all you’re capable of?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re an aspiring high achiever. And you aren’t as stuck as you may think.

Become a  BoldfulTM Woman
The successful, purposeful life and career you desire is already there for your taking. The key lies inside yourself in transforming how you think and act. It’s about becoming BoldfulTM: Learning to uncover your own self-limiting beliefs. To embrace change. To unlearn what holds you back. To be vulnerable. To be your authentic self. To think and do things differently now. To step outside your comfort zone. To feel the fear — and step forward anyway.

“It’s not about giving up our femininity. It’s about giving up subconscious fears of rejection, need for approval and people-pleasing.” ~ Bobbi-Jo Brighton, CST, LCI

The results? Empowerment of your natural, inherent qualities and strengths as a woman. Optimal performance in your work. Increased confidence, self-esteem and self-trust. Knowing your true self. Greater respect from those around you. And sharper focus, clarity, purpose, satisfaction and — yes — FUN as you advance your life and career.

Private Coaching: Time to Get Tough — Mentally Tough

Regardless of your age or experience… If you’re looking for HOW to become all you’re capable of… If you’re ready to dream bigger, think bigger, play bigger and step up to a higher level inside yourself, then private coaching may be just what you’re looking for.

Bobbi-Jo Brighton, CST, LCI guides women professionals who chose to be empowered and live authentic, remarkable lives. Working one-on-one with Bobbi-Jo, you’ll be on your way to building your mental toughness muscle and a strong inner foundation for controlling your emotional responses — understanding fear — being vulnerable — working with the voice of self-doubt, the inner critic and the self-saboteur — boldly and confidently overcoming obstacles — and reaching your full potential in your life and career.

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ARTICLE: Apologize ONCE, If at All

Shift a behavior, overcome a barrier. Women apologize at a much greater rate then men. I’m sorry, but this girl good behavior gets in the way of women’s professional advancement.

The work is hard and rewarding because you willingly dig and look and keep digging to identify the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back personally and professionally. The hardest, but most important lesson was turning the lens on myself – without judgment – and finding a way forward.