Guts, Grit & Grace

“Who you are today cannot get you to where you want to be.
You must BECOME HER.
I help you BECOME HER.”

~ Bobbi-Jo Brighton, CST, LCI

Whether a career professional, working mom or at-home mom wanting more… Do you aspire to being not just good in your life and career, but GREAT? Do you feel driven by a bigger, if still unknown, passion deep inside yourself to live your full potential and leave your mark on the world? Do you strive to be on par with those you most admire and respect while being unintimidated by all others?

Do you want to be assertive and speak up more, yet you’re afraid of coming across as bossy or bitchy? Do you want to feel abundantly confident, yet you tell yourself you’re not experienced or prepared enough? And… Do you feel frustrated at times—like you’re spinning your wheels—and you feel there’s got to be a better, simpler way to becoming all you’re capable of?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re an aspiring high achiever. And you aren’t as stuck as you may think.

Starting mid-January 2019
Grab a quick call with Bobbi-Jo and we’ll see what’s going on in your world and if Mental Toughness coaching is right for you.

Starting mid-January 2019


Attorney, Partner - Capote Law Firm
Regional President - Hispanic National Bar Association

Bobbi-Jo takes the guesswork out. All the pieces that I’ve always known existed, but didn’t know how to bring them together, Bobbi-Jo reveals what the road map looks like.


Since the Women’s Mental Toughness training, I’ve learned to see my value and speak up more. I also successfully negotiated a higher bonus. Without the training, I know I would have kept quiet and accepted what bonus was offered.

PNC Bank

I recognized that I’m shorting myself and those who report to me by not accounting for the “whole” person. Since, I’ve worked on me – gaining conscious awareness of my patterns and mindset – and supporting my team members to invest more in themselves personally and professionally for improved results.

Onestream Software
Director of Strategic Alliances

I thought I was fine and didn’t need this. I walked in expecting one thing and walked out with so many ‘A-ha!’ moments about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. From the instruction, I’m giving up the old, limiting stuff in my head and boldly moving forward, knowing what real confidence is.


Bobbi-Jo offers a refreshing approach. It is somewhat of an uncomfortable experience, but one that delivers. Moreover, Bobbi-Jo fosters a safe and nonjudgmental environment, so I was comfortable speaking freely and truthfully.


The work is hard because you willingly dig and look and keep digging to identify the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back personally and professionally. The hardest, but most important lesson was turning the lens on myself – without judgment – and embracing the way forward.

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In their own words, a few of the Summer 2018 members of Guts, Grit & Grace share their struggles with openness and honesty.

I’m not where I thought I’d be at this point in my life and career. I want to stop overthinking things and feeling intimated by others.


My energy is low and I’m not present for my kids. I feel like I’m in a rut and I lack the confidence to branch out. I find myself shying away from opportunities.


I want to be more resilient in my work. I take feedback too personally and it affects me.


I want to be able to communicate my thoughts, without fear of saying something stupid and feeling anxiety of being judged.

Lisa M.

I’m trying to listen to myself now and act in accordance with my heart… simplify my life and be more present for my family. I do too much and I’m a perfectionist about it.


I live with constant stress and feel stagnant. I want more quality of life and “Me” time. I struggle with confidence and self-worth and want to feel and be comfortable with myself.

Lisa T.

I’m spinning my wheels and I’m not on-track. I want to get my crap together and feel organized. I lack self-confidence and acceptance in my role as a business owner.