During the climb up the corporate ladder, women imagine two possibilities.

The first possibility is getting passed over for a sought-after promotion. You envision the opportunity passing by, quietly and without explanation, to those with equal or perhaps lesser qualifications. The inevitable emotional reaction is fear of disappointing yourself — of never living up to your full potential.

The second possibility is actually getting a sought-after promotion and not being able live up to its demands. You envision missteps, corporate objectives that elude you, and workdays filled with chaos and crises. This imagined scenario can trigger a double fear: disappointing those who gave you the promotion AND fear of disappointing yourself.

The danger is that fear can lead to hesitation, tentativeness, a tendency to pull your punches. In either scenario, you lose faith in your abilities. You self-doubt. You experience the unsettling feeling that you don’t know what you don’t know.

But what’s the REAL PROBLEM?


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Who you are today cannot get you to where you want to be.
You must BECOME HER. I help you BECOME HER.


But the real problem doesn’t lie with getting the promotion or not getting the promotion. Nor does the problem lie in the fears. (We are wired to feel fear.)

The real problem is what’s going on inside your head.

OK, the possibilities are not figments of your imagination. Failures do happen. Opportunities do slip by.

But you can’t control possibilities — at least not directly and not in advance.


The best strategy for winning the career game is to win the head game.

And to win the head game, you must get serious about controlling your mindset.

That means you must reclaim your right to choose business objectives that align with your personal and career goals, actions that move you toward what you want, and responses that allow you to use your gifts fully.

That’s not so easy to learn and do all by yourself…


In a perfect corporate environment, you’d have role models to motivate you, mentors and sponsors to advise you, and counselors with your best interests at heart.

But that’s not always the case.

That’s why I’ve devoted my professional life to helping women develop the skills they need for success.

I’m not talking about professional skills — you already have those. In today’s economy, professional skills are a commodity that are experiencing downward pressure on their value.

I’m talking about mindset, also known as Mental Toughness, my specialty and passion.

I’ve learned the hard way that mindset matters and I’m here to show you the way to BECOME HER  saving you time, money, and frustration.

Let’s explore why mindset matters so much to your ultimate success, or failure.



In a world with more technology, education, and opportunity than ever, why should a skilled, capable person like you ever feel stuck?

Being stuck is an internal reaction to an external situation.

When you’re not in control of your thoughts and emotions, any situation can trigger feelings of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and fear of not living your full potential. You can’t trust others to give you the right answers because you have no time to try again.

It’s time to stop second-guessing your decisions and giving-in to excuse making and “decision paralysis.” To stretch beyond your comfort zone, instead of drowning in overwhelm and burning out or playing it safe and living with regret. To say “no” to running from one thing to the next and feeling guilty about doing something for yourself.


In today’s working world, the skills and knowledge you’ve worked so hard for are commodities that are easily replaced by another worker bee.

Then what ultimately differentiates you from your peers? Gives you a competitive advantage? Lets you live life on your own terms?

It is your authentic, empowered mindset.

Does your mindset reflect competence, EQ, and confidence — or resistance, fears, and insecurity? The right mindset attracts opportunities and deepens relationships. The wrong mindset repels the very things you want most, even if you have all the knowledge, experience, and skills you need.


Through coaching, the Mental Toughness Process gives you the practical HOW, the step-by-step guidance and tools needed to clear your mind, overcome fear and resistance, eliminate overwhelm, and move beyond self-doubt, insecurity, and inner criticism.

The result? You BECOME HER: More confidence, self-esteem and self-trust. Greater empowerment of your natural, inherent qualities and strengths as a woman. Optimal performance in your work. Deeper knowledge of your true self. Greater respect from those around you. Sharper focus, clarity, purpose, satisfaction and — yes — more FUN as you advance your life and career.

Without the right mindset, an internal resistance works against you, leaving you stuck in the same old thinking, getting the same old results.

When you understand your own internal resistance and take control of your actions, reactions and thoughts/mindset, you think better — and better thinking empowers better actions which produce better results.


Time is of the essence. Faced with an opportunity, you’re an airplane racing down a corporate runway and must reach full power to achieve lift-off. There are no do-overs because the stakes are too high, the time line too demanding. Opportunities arise and reach resolution at warp speed.

So group coaching may not be right for you. That’s why I offer Private Coaching for a limited number of qualified women in top levels of leadership.

Here’s the accelerated path of my Private Coaching:

  1. Your Deep Dive Discovery
  2. Your Strategic Initiatives
  3. Your Weekly Coaching & Implementation Support

Along the way, you’ll have reasonable access to me via email and will be able to request an emergency crisis conference when you need it.


We won’t know until we discuss your situation. My main concern it to know that you’re willing to make changes in how you think, make decisions about your personal objectives, and choose your responses to the demands of others.

The Mental Toughness Process is quite simple, but it is not easy. Rest assured that I understand the profile of women I’m best able to help, and I won’t accept you as a Private Coaching client unless I’m confident that you’re committed to change and to your own success.


Private Coaching is not a stroll in the park. There are no quick fixes. You’ll have to do the work and make some changes in your life — starting with these:

  • Choose strategies for reaching your personal and career goals while accomplishing company objectives
  • Develop a mindset biased toward taking massive action despite doubts and fears
  • Cultivate a spirit of unwillingness to settle for less than you can be, to be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Take advantage of my support and training to design your personal recipe for success

Most important, you must be open to my perspective. When things are at their toughest, I promise to be the one person who expects more of you than you expect of yourself. So if I advise you to leap into the unknown and uncertain, get ready to jump with both feet.


I know how high the stakes are for women, and it’s impossible for me to know that your success in the corporate world is a sure thing.

But this much I do know. If you don’t go for it and strive to be all you can be, your career will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

You will always wonder what paths you might have discovered and regret not following the voice inside you. Those feelings of regret will surely transmute into feelings of disappointment, shame, and resentment.

I urge you not to settle for a life of mediocrity and being status quo — there is a simple way to access the greatness within you. I promise to show you.


So right now — while you’re thinking about it — schedule your no-cost 30 minute “Get Out of Your Own Way” coaching session with me. We’ll talk about your opportunities and struggles… and go from there:

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Attorney, Partner - Capote Law Firm
Regional President - Hispanic National Bar Association

Bobbi-Jo takes the guesswork out. All the pieces that I’ve always known existed, but didn’t know how to bring them together, Bobbi-Jo reveals what the road map looks like.


Since the Women’s Mental Toughness training, I’ve learned to see my value and speak up more. I also successfully negotiated a higher bonus. Without the training, I know I would have kept quiet and accepted what bonus was offered.

PNC Bank

I recognized that I’m shorting myself and those who report to me by not accounting for the “whole” person. Since, I’ve worked on me – gaining conscious awareness of my patterns and mindset – and supporting my team members to invest more in themselves personally and professionally for improved results.

Onestream Software
Director of Strategic Alliances

I thought I was fine and didn’t need this. I walked in expecting one thing and walked out with so many ‘A-ha!’ moments about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. From the instruction, I’m giving up the old, limiting stuff in my head and boldly moving forward, knowing what real confidence is.


Bobbi-Jo offers a refreshing approach. It is somewhat of an uncomfortable experience, but one that delivers. Moreover, Bobbi-Jo fosters a safe and nonjudgmental environment, so I was comfortable speaking freely and truthfully.


The work is hard because you willingly dig and look and keep digging to identify the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back personally and professionally. The hardest, but most important lesson was turning the lens on myself – without judgment – and embracing the way forward.