Whether a professional membership association in a specific industry or an in-house women’s leadership and employee networking group, no doubt your organization is dedicated to the success of your members and helping them bridge challenges and opportunities at every stage of their professional careers.

Bobbi-Jo Brighton, CST, LCI works with supportive associations that are committed to providing much-needed programs to their members that not only inform, educate, and entertain, yet also go beyond theory and all the talk, talk, talk — presentations and “get down to work” programs that provide the practical know-how, steps and tools needed for positive, transformational change.


We begin with a simple call for me to understand the outcomes you want from a speaking presentation… and we take it from there. To schedule your call, contact Bobbi-Jo at:
  • Phone: +1 570-332-5889,
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What’s holding you back? Identify it. Overcome it.
Bobbi-Jo speaks and coaches across a range of typically challenging topic areas to help aspiring women get “unstuck,” build greater confidence, be courageous and vulnerable, and proactively move forward:

  • Women’s Mental Toughness: Guts, Grit & Grace
    Get tough and out of your own way to dream bigger, think bigger, play bigger and achieve your full and greatest potential in your life and career.
  • Why Women Leave STEM / Law
    Once a woman leaves a STEM/Law career, she hardly returns. As a woman in STEM/Law, you enjoy the work and you want to contribute, yet chances are there are times you feel like quitting. Let’s face it, it gets tiring to step up every day when you’re constantly dealing with how to fit in with all the guys, being respected, and getting your voice heard with management that marginalizes your talents and skills. When you add in juggling work and home, along with that nagging voice in the back of your head, “Am I good enough?” – it’s no wonder that educated, highly trained women are leaving STEM in droves.
  • Mindset Trumps Skill
    In today’s working world, the skills and knowledge you’ve worked so hard for are commodities that are easily replaced by another worker bee. What ultimately differentiates you from your peers is your empowered mindset. Does your mindset reflect competence, EQ, and confidence — or resistance, fears, and insecurity? The right mindset attracts opportunities and deepens relationships. The wrong mindset repels the very things you want most, even if you have all the knowledge, experience, and skills you need.
  • Winning the Head Game – BECOME HER
    The harsh truth is the person you are today is not capable of achieving your bigger goals and performing optimally. You must BECOME HER. Yet while the process of becoming your greater, more capable self is simple, it is not easy as a strong internal resistance in your mind is working against you.
  • Living a Quality Life: Declaring Your True Priorities
    Feeling overwhelmed with too many balls to juggle? Time to simplify and re-balance your professional career and your personal life.
Who you are today cannot get you to where you want to be.
You must BECOME HER. I help you BECOME HER.